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Ultimate Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Baby High Chair

As a baby progresses from a tiny newborn to an active toddler, one of the pivotal gear investments parents undertake is acquiring the perfect high chair. This essential baby item serves a crucial purpose as your little one transitions from milk to solid food around the 6-month mark. In a market flooded with countless options, ranging from budget-friendly basics to luxurious models with all the bells and whistles, the task of selecting a high-quality chair that suits your family can be overwhelming. From essential safety features to convenient time-saving functions, there are numerous factors that parents should carefully consider before making the purchase.

This comprehensive high chair buying guide breaks down the key factors to contemplate when shopping for a baby high chair. Continue reading for valuable tips to streamline your options and feel assured in selecting the ideal seated solution for your little one throughout their early development.

Safety First 

Safety should be the number one priority when choosing any baby gear, especially a high chair where babies will spend lots of time once they start eating solids. Look for chairs that have a wide, sturdy base and a 5-point harness to secure the baby during use. The tray should also lock securely into place. Do not forget to check safety ratings, and opt only for baby brands that you trust.

Ease of Use 

Between dirty diapers, feedings, baths, and naps, parenthood is exhausting! Go for a high chair that will not cause additional stress at mealtimes. Clear instructions and minimal assembly are ideal for busy parents. Also, ensure it is easy to clean the seat pad, tray, and gaps where mess can hide. High chairs with dishwasher-safe trays make sanitizing after meals a  breeze. 

Comfort Matters

For babies to enjoy mealtimes, they need to be comfortable! Padded seats and armrests prevent sore spots. Having multiple recline positions accommodates babies as they grow. And being able to swivel 360° means you can pull the baby right up to the dinner table. 

Space Saving 

Consider your living space when picking a high chair. If you have a small space, then choose designs that you can fold up and store compactly. However, ensure it is still roomy enough for your baby through toddlerhood. And if you want to use it in multiple rooms, make sure you check if it is easy to move and won’t block doorways. Measure the dimensions to ensure it will fit the baby at the table or counter height you plan to use. 


From a squishy infant to a wriggling toddler, you will want your high chair to last a few years as the baby grows. Opt for durable materials and well-tested brands that stand the test of time. Features like adjustable footrests, seat inserts, and trays with multiple position levels grow with your little one. Weight capacities of at least 18-20 kg ensure you get plenty of use before passing a well-loved chair onto the baby.

Style Preferences

While safety comes first, you might also want a chair that looks nice and suits your taste! High chair styles include basics in wood or plastic, chic molded contemporary chairs, or retro metal frames. They also come in every color combo like neutral tones, bright primaries, or wood tones for modern flair. So determine priorities like blending with existing decor vs making a statement. 

Added Features

Handy extras can make mealtimes more enjoyable or help you multitask. Look for models with removable trays to pull the baby up for nursing or bottle feedings. Wheels make transport and storing effortless. Reversible trays provide a smooth or textured surface for different stages of eating. And, with disposable tray inserts, even the unavoidable messes would need less cleanup.


The prices of high chairs are based on material, converting ability, brand name, and added features. Determine how much you are willing to spend upfront and set a maximum budget. If you want the high chair to have all the additional features, it might cost you a bit on the higher side. 

Trying before Buying

If possible, get hands-on with various high chair models in person at baby stores. Moving it around yourself and operating the features allows you to assess ease of use. If possible, make the baby sit in the seat and try the various positions to test size and angles, envisioning daily use during messy meals. Many stores even have floor models you can touch and try out the features on. 

Wrapping it up!

There are so many factors that go into picking the perfect high chair for your little one. By keeping these key considerations in mind and determining what matters most for your family’s lifestyle, you will choose a great option for safe, comfortable, and memorable mealtimes. Trust your parenting instincts to decide what your baby and you need the most, and you can feel confident in preparing the baby’s special seat at the family table.

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