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WonderSeat 3 in 1 reclining feeding baby high chair with adjustable height with rocking feature

3 Months to 3 Years, L 75 x B 60 x H 94 cm, Carrying Capacity 15 Kg, lightweight 3 in 1 Highchair with dual tray easy to carry from room to room and folds into a self-standing unit
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  • 3-in-1 High Chair: This versatile high chair offers multiple modes, including low chair moderocking chair mode high chair mode, adapting to your baby's needs.
  • 3 Positions for Reclining Backrest - They are designed to provide comfort and adaptability for different stages of a baby's development. Starting from 110 degrees for solid feed,130 degrees for milk/liquid feed and 150 degrees for resting position.
  • BPA-Free, Safety, and Eco-Friendly: Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free PP materials, the WonderSeatprioritises safety and eco-friendliness, ensuring a healthy dining environment for your child.
  • Easy to Fold & Store: The Tiny Berg WonderSeat effortlessly folds for compact storage, making it a space-saving addition to your home.
  • 2-Position Height Adjustable: With two adjustable height settings, this high chair ensures your baby's comfort and convenience during mealtime.
  • 5-Point Safety Harness: Designed for safety and stability, it is equipped with a secure 5-point safety harness, providing a secure seating experience for your little one.
  • Universal Wheels with Brakes: Universal wheels with brakes make it easier to move the baby chair around the house. Parents can effortlessly push the chair from one room to another without lifting it.
  • 3 Months to 3 Years up to 15 Kgs: The WonderSeat accommodates babies from 3 Months to 3 Years old, with a weight capacity of up to 15 kgs, ensuring long-lasting use as your child grows.
  • Large Storage Basket: This lightweight highchair prioritises your convenience by featuring a spacious storage basket, allowing you to keep your baby's essentials easily accessible.


Brand: Tinyberg

Type: High Chair

Age: 3 Months to 3 Years


Body Specifications:

Safety Harness Type: 5 Point

Dual Tray: Yes

Recling Backrest: Yes, 3 Position

Foldable: Yes

Wheels with break: Yes, 4

Rocking Feature: Yes

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity:15 kg

Material: BPA Safe and eco-friendly material with high-quality PU & stainless steel

Package Dimensions: 43 cms X 27 cms X 51 cms

Product Dimensions: 75 cms X 60 cms X 94 cms

Gross Weight: 5.8kgs

Net Weight: 4.8 Kgs

Meet the Tiny Berg WonderSeat, your baby's happy place at mealtime! The Wonder Seat isn't just a high chair; it's a warm, cosy haven where your little one can enjoy their meals with a smile. With a simple flick, it becomes a kids' chair, letting your baby play and explore freely. The dual meal tray attached to this wonder seat is convenient and easy to clean. And for all those baby essentials, a handy storage basket is within arm's reach. When it's time to tuck it away, its effortless foldable design makes storage a breeze. Elevate your child's mealtime joy with the Tiny Berg WonderSeat because we care about every tiny detail for your peace of mind.

There are traditional high chairs, convertible high chairs that can be used as boosters or regular chairs, and portable clip-on high chairs that attach to tables.

You can start using a high chair when your baby can sit up unassisted, usually around 6-8 months.

Consider factors like safety features, ease of cleaning, adjustable height, comfort, and the space it takes up in your kitchen or dining area.

High chairs are designed with safety in mind still. Look for models with safety harnesses, crotch posts, and sturdy construction. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper usage.

The three modes typically include:

A high chair mode for feeding.

A low chair mode for playtime.

A rocking chair mode for naptime or relaxation.

These chairs are designed to adapt to your baby's changing needs.

Product Reviews - WonderSeat 3 in 1 reclining feeding baby high chair with adjustable height with rocking feature

Good buy, I recommend it !

I like how it converts into a kids' chair. It's not just for meals; it's also for playtime. This rocking feature is a bonus.

Verified Reviewer

Very comfortable

The chair is comfortable and safe for my baby. The adjustable height is very practical. It's a bit heavy, but that adds to its sturdiness

Verified Reviewer

Nice Product

The eco-friendly materials and safety features of the WonderSeat are impressive. It's also very easy to clean.

Verified Reviewer

A perfect product to carry your baby

My wife and I love traveling and so this product has come as a blessing for us! Our plans are now hassle-free and we don’t have to think twice before choosing any destination. Our baby is also comfortable in the carrier with a good posture and no neck pain. Good product at good money.

Verified Reviewer


Best Quality

Verified Reviewer

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